United Teachers of Santa Clara


The voice of the teacher is one of the most important in education. Unfortunately, in many school systems across the country, it is not being heard. However, in Corona-Norco Unified School District, teacher opinions and ideas are valued and sought out by administration. In part one in a new series highlighting the Corona-Norco school system, it is shared how that change has led to an important transformation. As the teachers are empowered as leaders, there has been a transformation in the relationship between teachers and administration, as well as a transformation in how teachers approach students and their learning.Regional Teacher Union Reform Network (TURN) meetings bring together teams of union, teacher, school and district leaders to engage in powerful conversations about the challenges facing education in local communities and across the country. The goal is to seek opportunities to work jointly to ensure all students succeed.The TURN network is hailed as an oasis for shared learning and problem-solving among union, administrative and community leaders. TURN’s unique approach has proven to build trust, foster open and honest conversations, and increase the collaboration between union and management to support educators and students.TURN is a union-led, collaborative community of practice where union and educational leaders from across the country share the impact of the TURN network toward strengthening partnerships, empowering educators, and increasing understanding between labor and management to improve student achievement.