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President’s Report for Membership

President’s Report for Rep Council   Download Here: 10.6.17 President’s Report

October 6th, 2017

  • School Climate and Collaboration Survey – We still are working at getting more members to complete the Rutgers survey. If you haven’t done so, your voice is VERY IMPORTANT so please look for the e-mail in your scusd account and complete the survey as soon as possible.


  • The Standard Insurance Enrollment Campaign – The open enrollment campaign for disability/life insurance through The Standard did not reach our goal. The campaign has been extended through the end of October.  We need to sign up roughly 40 more folks in order to reach the goal that will prevent enrollees from having to complete a medical form and possibly be denied benefits based on pre-existing conditions.  Sophie will be back at rep council and we’ll double our efforts to reach out to ALL of our colleagues in hopes that we can help them recognize the value of having disability insurance and getting them signed up.


  • Bargaining – We had our first session of the new school year on Monday, September 25th. This is a continuation of last year’s bargaining cycle. We have signed several TA’s and are in discussions regarding compensation.  We have three more sessions scheduled for October 9th, October 16th and November 15th.


  • Health Care Rate Increase – You should have all received an e-mail informing you about the Health Benefits Committee Meeting where representatives from Sutter Health and Kaiser gave short presentations. Kaiser reps informed the committee that medical plan rates will increase 9.9% in 2018.  We have a contract with Sutter Health that will result in no rate increase this year and a maximum cap of 8% for 2019.  The Health Benefits Committee will meet again in November or December to explore other options for health care providers.


  • Draft Cluster Assignments – With the election of Brad Beadell and Jonathan Stowers as cluster directors, we have re-organized the clusters. Some sites have switched clusters so please note this when you arrive at rep council on Monday.  The new cluster list is below. We hope to be able to fit all reps at the five cluster tables, but if space continues to be an issue, we will explore the possibility of moving rep council to a new location


  • Conference Grant Committee – Our Conference Grant Committee met and reviewed only one application for a UTSC conference grant. The committee recommended board approval of the application and it was approved by our UTSC Board on 10/2/17.  The committee is looking for more members so if you are willing to help by serving on this committee, please let me know.  The remaining dates scheduled for the Conference Grant Committee are:

Monday, December 18th, 2017

Monday, March 19th, 2018

Monday, June 4th, 2018


  • Elementary Bilingual Meeting – Kathie Kanavel has held a meeting with the Lorena Tariba (Director of Supplemental and English Learner Programs), and the Scott Lane and George Mayne principals regarding the future of the elementary bilingual program. There will be a meeting on Thursday, November 2nd at 3p.m. at Scott Lane that will include teachers from the elementary bilingual program and other certificated staff who have worked in the program.  The purpose is to explore options regarding our elementary bilingual program in hopes of settling on the expectations of the program and discussing any changes that would best meet the needs of the program.


  • District Planning Team Meeting Report – Patty Picard (CSEA President), Tony Azevedo (CSEA VP), Leanna Goldenberg and I meet with the Superintendent and his cabinet twice a month. At our last meeting on Tuesday, September 26th, Leanna boldly brought forth a concern regarding the 1:1 roll out and the decision that was made by the administration to override the original plan created by a joint union/administration committee and to not communicate with them about this change.  While neither Leanna nor I left satisfied that we understood why this decision had been made, we were able to air out our concerns in hopes that it will positively impact future decision making.


  • Labor-Management Partnership
    1. September 14 & 15th — Cohort 3 schools’ representatives, as well as representatives from several district departments, were joined by leaders from the district administration and union at the California Labor Management Initiative meetings in Salinas. Folks from ALISAL and Salinas Union High School District were also present at these meetings. The Cohort 3 schools were given copies of the reports for the learning visits and were able to spend some time reviewing the information and using whatever they felt was relevant to work on their own site plans and priorities.
    2. October 4th & 5th – Patty, Leanna, Jonathan and I will be going to the CALTURN conference in Riverside. None of the Cohort 3 school representatives chose to attend but several folks from Ed Services will be attending.
    3. Cohort 4 Schools – We have identified the Cohort 4 and Cohort 5 schools and will be sending out a letter jointly from Andrew and me to the site administrators and staff at Cohort 4 sites.


  • Special Education Task Force – The Special Education Task Force is reforming and had its first meeting on Wednesday, October 4th. The make-up of the task force has expanded to include more classified members as well as representatives from various disciplines within special education. Members’ shared out what they feel is going well in Special Education and then we shared thoughts about opportunities for improvement. We then decided upon an area of focus which is addressing the needs of para educators regarding hours per day and ratio of paras to students.  We also identified professional development differentiation for both paras and certificated staff in the special education department as a priority to address.


  • Central Park Admin building opening in November.
    1. October 13th for DSA review of 2-story building.
  1. Agnews – Ambitious schedule of planning meetings
    1. Schematic design phase.
    2. Executive Committee meeting this afternoon.
    3. Water tower estimate is $10,000,000 for just soil work under foundation so the tower is likely going to be demolished.
    4. Re-new Lease on Cell tower through Sprint for now.
  2. HVAC work left only at two sites.


  • SCUSD Board Report 9/28/17
    1. Thanks to Christy and Leanna for attending the board meeting that I couldn’t attend and for providing information from the meeting.
    2. 1. Presentation From Timothy McLarney of True North Research Inc and Tom Clifford of Clifford Moss Concerning A Recent Voter Survey For A Potential General Obligation Bond Election and Related Information 
      1. This presentation provided results from a recent survey that was conducted to gauge how receptive registered voters might be to a bond on the ballot. The survey showed that voters give positive responses to the concept. Based on comments from board members, it looks likely that the board will put a bond on either the June or November ballot.
    3. 2. Report on the Results of the Schematic Design Phase Activities for the New Schools on the Agnews Campus.
      1. A report was presented on the schematic design and they are apparently about half way through that process.
    4. 5. Discussion of Field Trip Rates for the SCUSD Transportation Department
      1. The director of transportation gave a report around changing the bus rates they charge. Mostly, they plan to keep the same rates for this year for district use of busses and increase the charge for outside use. They’ll reassess at the end of the school year to decide if they want to change the rates for next year.
    5. 7. Discussion on Resolution #17-33 Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals (DACA)
      1. Every board member who spoke was in strong support of the resolution. They also discussed how they could improve their communication at the high school level, so that more students knew what the district and county office were doing in support of DACA students.
    6. 1. Approval of an Ad Hoc Nominating Committee
      1. This item, fortunately, was pulled from the agenda. Every year in December, the board has held a vote to determine who will be President of the board. Normally in SCUSD, the current board president nominates their Vice-President to succeed them and the board votes accordingly. Last year, then President Albert Gonzalez didn’t nominate anyone which caused confusion, multiple nominations, and eventually the election of Andy Ratermann as President instead of Noelani who was VP at the time. Apparently, in an attempt to avoid conflict from competing board members who are coveting being the president, an idea was floated by Andy Ratermann where a committee of three board members would be established to make a recommendation (advisory) to the full 7-member board on who should be the next President. I had prepared a statement for Christy or Leanna to read but the item was pulled. The gist of my statement was that they should just do what they were elected to do which is accept nominations and hold a vote and whomever wins wins instead of having a three person committee make a recommendation to a seven member board.
    7. 5. Approval of the Acting Director of Elementary Curriculum

Tricia Ringel was approved as the Acting Director of Elementary Curriculum

Excerpts below from UTSC By-laws regarding the responsibilities of the Executive Officer positions of Vice-President and Treasurer.


The Vice President shall:

  1. Serve as assistant to the President in all duties of the President;
  2. Assume the duties of the President in the absence of the President;
  3. Direct and coordinate all grievance activities for the Association; and
  4. Represent the Association in the absence of the President in matters relating to office operations and expenses shared with another CTA local chapter.


The Treasurer shall:

  1. Receive all funds belonging to the Association and be responsible for their safekeeping and accounting;
  2. May co-sign, with the President or one (1) other officer designated by the Board of Directors, all checks drawn upon the treasury. Two (2) signatures are required;
  3. Prepare an annual written financial report for the Rep Council and Executive Board;
  4. Be responsible for an annual audit of the books of the Association and preparing a summary of this audit for the membership’s review.
  5. Submit membership and financial reports to CTA, NEA, and other agencies as required by law; and
  6. Serve as coordinator of Committee activities at the direction of the President.