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President’s Report for Membership

President’s Report for Rep Council   (Download Here: 9.8.17 President’s Report for Rep)

April 15, 2017

  • Labor-Management Partnership
    1. Cohort 3 Schools in Labor-Management Partnership – The following sites have been chosen to be in Cohort 3:
      1. Buchser Middle School
      2. Cabrillo Middle School
  • Bracher Elementary
  1. Mayne Elementary
  2. Ponderosa Elementary
  3. Sutter Elementary

All of the principals received a letter from Stan, Andrew, Patty and me welcoming them to this work.  I subsequently sent an e-mail to all of the certificated members at those six sites that included the letter as an attachment.  The next CALTURN conference is October 5 & 6 in southern California.  Teams from Cohort 2 who did not attend the conference in Sacramento in March (Haman and Peterson) have been offered the opportunity to attend the October conference in Southern California along with Cohort 3 sites.

  1. DPT Meeting on Tuesday, March 21st – The District Planning Team (DPT) met and the district leadership shared some of their thinking regarding staffing for next year. I’ll share details with you at Monday’s meeting.
  2. DLT Meeting on Monday, March 28th The District Learning Team (DLT) is made up of district administrators and union leaders as well as representatives from the four Cohort 1 schools (Wilcox, Don Callejon, Laurelwood and New Valley). I was unable to attend, but Leanna and George will share information about it at Monday’s meeting.
  3. Consortium for Educational Change Representative Visits Ann Cummins-Bogan visited some sites on Wednesday, April 5th in the morning and then met with Stan, Andrew, Patty and me in the early afternoon to discuss the recent DLT meeting, to share feedback on site visits, and to discuss next steps.


  • Guest Speaker at Rep Council – Greg Bonaccorsi (our CTA Board Member) will be at Monday’s Rep Council meeting to share information from the CTA Board and to answer any questions from you.


  • Presentation on California Dashboard – Lynne Formigli will give a presentation on the new California Dashboard at Monday’s Rep Council meeting. Here are two links that provide more information and Lynne will go over each of these websites during he presentation.                         – /Home

“The Dashboard contains reports that display the performance of local educational agencies (LEAs), schools, and student groups on a set of state and local measures to assist in identifying strengths, weaknesses, and areas in need of improvement.”


  • UTSC Elections Ballots for the UTSC Board of Directors Elections will be sent out with site reps at Monday’s Rep Council. I e-mailed all candidates for open positions and invited them to give a brief speech at Monday’s Rep Council regarding their candidacy.


  • CTA Summer Institute – This conference is a great opportunity for members to increase their knowledge and skills in being active members of United Teachers of Santa Clara and CTA. CTA offers grants for attending this conference as does UTSC.  If you are interested, here is a link to more information on the CTA’s website.  The conference is July 30 to August 3 at UCLA.


  • CTA Day of Action – CTA State Council voted to call for a Day of Action to raise awareness about the importance of public education and access to a free public education is a civil right. Monday, May 1st has been chosen as the day for this action. The idea is to bring parents, students and educators together to declare our collective support for public education and the rights of ALL students to access it.  We’ll discuss and plan actions at Monday’s Rep Council Meeting.  Here is a link to the CTA website page with more information:

Here is a link to a video of President Eric Heins at CTA State Rep Council:




  • Visit with Assemblymen Mark Stone – On Friday, April 7th, Scott Shulimson (President Franklin-McKinley Educators’ Association), Natalie Gray (State Council rep from Monterey Bay Teachers’ Association) and I met with Representative Stone to advocate for the passage of three CTA endorsed bills moving through the state legislature. Each bill is about holding charter schools to the same expectations as other local government agencies that receive and spend public money.  The bills are AB 1478, SB 808, and AB 1360.  Mark was supportive of all three bills.  You can learn more about the bills at the following link:


  • Agnews Planning Committee – This planning committee is facilitated by the LPA Architect firm that is contracted to design the schools. The committee has about 25 to 30 members and includes parents, community members, classified staff, certificated staff, site administrators, and district administrators.  Kate Flowers (SCHS), Kat Raffeto (Callejon), Gina Corsello (Callejon) and I are on the committee.  We have one more meeting scheduled for April 22nd.


  • Bylaw Change – Just a reminder that we’ll be voting at the next rep council about adding language to our bylaws as we discussed at the last rep council meeting.


  • March 28th Special Board Meeting – The board held a special meeting earlier this week and approved a resolution to join and sign the San Francisco County and City amicus brief regarding Trump’s executive orders on immigration.

Here is a link to more information about it:


  • CTA Joins Amicus Briefs – The CTA also joined and here is a link to a statement from Eric Heins that I shared at the 3/28 board meeting described in above in 8.


  • Combining UTSC Retirement Party with District’s – Instead of having our own UTSC Retirement Party, we will be presenting gifts to our members who are retiring at the District run event at Mariani’s.


  • CCEE Dashboard Workshop – I attended a workshop on Thursday, March 30th about the Dashboard that the state has set up with information about each district’s and schools progress on state and local indicators. It was very informative.  Here is a link to the Dashboard as well as a link to the CCEE (California Collaborative for Educational Excellence) website that has all the resources from the workshop. – /Home


  • Bargaining Update – Our first bargaining session of the new cycle was Friday, April 7th. As a reminder, we are negotiating compensation and benefits (Articles 28 & 29).  The district chose to open Waiver (Article 10) and we chose to open Assignment, Transfer & Re-Assignment (Article 27).  Both parties chose to open Hours (Article 17).  There will be an update by your bargaining chair regarding negotiations.