UTSC and SCUSD Tentative Agreement At-a Glance

Article 2 Recognition The Bargaining Unit was previously defined as including Program Specialists. There are five of them. Beginning the 2017-18 school year, Program Specialists will be management/administrative. This takes them out of our bargaining unit. The current program specialists are in agreement with this change. They may apply for the administrative positions. If not selected, or they choose not to apply, they may move back into the bargaining unit in other positions for which they are credentialed and qualified.
Article 17


The regular work year was 186 days with one teacher work day at the beginning of the year. The work year for 2017-18 is 187 days, adding a second teacher work day at the beginning of the school year. This is compensated at approximately .5% (each member’s per diem).
Article 22


  The 2016-17 salary schedule will reflect a 9.5% increase, effective July 1, 2016. Assuming this agreement is ratified by the bargaining unit and the District, January’s pay warrant will likely reflect the 9.5% increase, and February 10 will likely be when the retroactive salary will be paid. This increase will also effect the per diem pay earned since July 1, 2016.
SAI Stipend The current agreement did not include Psychologists as receiving the SAI stipend bargained last year. Psychologists will receive the SAI stipend, retroactive to July 1, 2016.
Other Stipends and Hourly Rates Stipends and hourly rates are increased by the bargained salary increase, as per bargaining 2014-15. Stipends and hourly rates will be increased, not retroactively to July 1, but beginning the month following ratification—likely January, 2017.
Article 25

Children Centers/ State Pre-Schools

The previous article did not reflect the current standards—work day, hours, or pay. The new language separates and delineates the differences between full-day Children’s Centers and part-day State Pre-Schools. See the full article for details.
Article 29


The District’s maximum contribution is $1000 per month, or $12,000 per year, per full time member. This rate was not increased in the current bargain and will remain $12,000 per year.